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Ultra-Long-Life Ball Bearings for Transmissions

NSK News - NSK develops Ultra-long-life Ball Bearings for Transmissions, designed to make bearings more compact and lightweight, with less friction.

NSK Develops Energy-Saving Bearings for High-Efficiency Motors

News - NSK Develops Energy-saving Bearings for High-efficiency Motors. Increasing motor efficiency by cutting friction loss in half.

VW Up! Featuring Steering Column EPAS and Bearings Produced by NSK

NSK News - VW up! featuring steering column EPAS and bearings produced by NSK: Energy-saving power steering for VW’s smallest model

NSK Exhibits at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show

News: NSK Exhibits at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show-Creating A Road to the Future through Innovation. Now And Always. Contributing to the Future through Compact/Lightweight, Low Friction Loss, Ultra High Speed Rotation & the Development of Mechatronic Products

NSK Develops a Guide-Dog Style Robot

NSK guide-dog style robot: utilises a newly developed external recognition technology & guidance function to detect the position of stairs, autonomously recognise the shape of the stairs & then guide the user up and down staircases.

NSK Develops a Lead-Robot with Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities

News:NSK develops guide robot combining external recognition & obstacle avoidance technology; reducing blind spots & increasing stability. Combination and unification of robot drive technology, recognition technology & robot-human interface technology.

NSK Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Production Facility Hefei, China

NSK: Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Production Facility Hefei, China. Offering technical services, product development & design, technical customer support. Products including automotive & industrial bearings, steering components, & precision machinery

Choosing the Right Bearings

News:NSK choosing the right bearings. Expert advice can cut costs dramatically. NSK consultancy projects show that it's possible to significantly reduce costs & enhance both efficiency & productivity, by optimising the choice of bearings retrospectively.

Traction Motor Bearings for the Rail Industry

NSK Traction motor bearings. Today’s generation of trains are required to go faster & travel much longer distances without maintenance. With the adoption of AC traction motors, longer maintenance free intervals are required for traction motor bearings.

European Commission Competition Inspections

NSK News - Norbert Schneider, Chief Executive Officer of NSK Europe Limited, confirmed that, on Tuesday 8 November, the Company was subject to an inspection by the European Commission at its offices in Ratingen, Germany.

Angular-Contact Ball Bearings with Oil-Air Lubrication

NSK News - Robust Shot series of angular-contact ball bearings with oil-air lubrication for motor spindles in HSC applications

Ball Screws for High Speeds and High Loads

NSK News - HTF high-load ball screws with newly developed seal and optimised ball recirculation system for high speeds and high loads

Improved Cooling for High-Speed Ball Screws

Company » News » Improved cooling for high-speed ball screws: Temperature control at the site of friction

HMS-Series - High-Speed Ball Screws

NSK News - New high-speed ball screws run extremely quietly: For high-performance drive systems in machine tools

NSK’s Plant in Newark (UK)

NSK News - NSK’s European Industrial Business Unit and its plant in Newark (UK)- Bearings and linear technology made in Europe

PH Series for Highly Precise Linear Movements in Machine Tools

NSK News - PH series for highly precise linear movements in machine tools: Improved production processes ensure interchangeability

New Sealing Concept for Ball Screws: Improved Seal with Low Friction

NSK Latest News - New sealing concept for ball screws: Improved seal with low friction

New Angular-Contact Ball Bearings - NSKTAC-SHR Series

News - New angular-contact ball bearings for ball screw support applications - NSKTAC-SHR series

Injection Moulding: Achieving Higher Performance and Precision

NSK News » ENGEL E-motion: Electromechanics Replaces Hydraulics - Injection Moulding Achieving Higher Performance and Precision.

Ultra-High-Speed Large-Diameter Ball Bearings for Motors in Hybrid Cars

News: NSK Develops Ultra-High-Speed Large-Diameter Ball Bearings for Motors in Hybrid Cars - Bearings help to improve fuel economy and raise power output


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