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Product: HMS Series Ball Screws for High-Speed Machine Tools

The new HMS Series ball screws have been developed specifically for high-speed machine tool applications which require improved productivity, low noise & low vibration.

Product: Extremely Long-Life Pinion Shaft for Automatic Transmissions

NSK has developed a new Ultra Long-Life Pinion Shaft (made from the original NSK material SHX3) for use in the planetary mechanisms of automatic transmissions (ATs).

Company: NSK at HUSUM WindEnergy

News - NSK will be exhibiting at HUSUM WindEnergy (Germany) 2010.

Product: High-Speed Ball Screw with Nut Cooling

News - Product: High-speed ball screw with nut cooling: Improved cooling outperforms hollow-shaft ball screw.

Company: Paper Award from SAE Japan

News - NSK Ltd. announced that it has received the Outstanding Technical Paper Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) for a research paper entitled “Analysis of Temperature Rise on the Traction Contact Surface of Toroidal CVTs”.

Products: Cement Plants - Materials, Lubrication & Sealing Technology

Cement Plants: Materials, lubrication & sealing technology reduces maintenance costs.