Automobile - 2010-05-11

Eco Shell Marathon 2010

NSK Congratulates the Winning Teams of the Shell Eco Marathon 2010!


The Shell Eco Marathon Europe 2010 took place on 6-7th May 2010 at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz track in Germany, gathering 186 teams from 22 countries. The challenge is to design, build and drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle and finally achieve the longest distance with as little fuel as possible.

This year again, the French teams Polytech’Nantes and Lycée St Joseph La Joliverie achieved astonishing results and took 1st and 2nd ranks with their respective prototypes Polyjoule and Microjoule despite the fierce competition level.

Polyjoule posted a new all time record with the incredible performance of 4,896.1 km with 1 liter hydrogen (0.02l/100km; 0.7g/km CO2). Microjoule drove 2,964.7 km with 1 liter petrol (0.03l/100km).

At NSK, we are very proud to be a partner of both winning teams and we are committed in supporting the Polyjoule and Microjoule projects to further improve their world record with the help of NSK expertise in low-friction technology.

As a leader in the field of Motion & Control working together with the top automakers and suppliers around the world, NSK provides solutions that offer higher performance and lower friction in a compact space. Intelligent steering systems, rolling bearings for chassis, drive train, engines and accessories – our products ensure efficient fuel consumption and enhanced active and passive safety in vehicles.

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