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Automobile - 2010-09-07

Retainer Plate

NSK Develops Ball Bearings Equipped with Retainer Plate for Vehicle Transmissions


NSK has developed a Ball Bearing equipped with Retainer Plate capable of reducing the total length required for today’s automotive transmissions.

The trend in recent years towards greater fuel efficiency has led to greater demand for more compact transmissions. The new Ball Bearing equipped with Retainer Plate developed by NSK enables total transmission length to be reduced by approximately 4 mm compared with conventional bearings. As a result, transmissions using this NSK product will be more compact and lightweight, delivering better fuel efficiency.

This system allows an optimal assembly in the vehicle transmission. A perfect alignment between the plate holes and the gearbox housing is ensured through the rotation of the plate on the bearing outer ring. The specially developed clip mechanism enables a smoother rotation than with conventional products using staking technology.

NSK s promoting this product for application in manual transmission (MT) vehicles, which are generating high demand in emerging markets and Europe, and double clutch transmissions (DCT), a popular style of transmission in Europe that combines fuel efficiency with a sporty feel.

NSK will produce this product at manufacturing sites around the world, ensuring worldwide demand is met in a timely manner by shipping from the nearest facility.

Product features

1. Lighter, more compact transmissions
The Ball Bearing Equipped with Retainer Plate reduces total transmission length by approximately 4 mm by integrating the bearing outer ring with a retainer plate. This enables more compact and lighter transmissions, which contributes to CO2 reduction.

2. Enhanced operation
The plate is retained on the bearing by a special clip mechanism using a snap ring, which enables a smoother rotation than with products using staking technology. This rotation of the plate on the bearing outer ring allows an easier assembly through a perfect alignment between the plate holes and the gearbox housing and the insertion of the bolts from the rear of the gearbox housing. Retainer plates are available in various shapes and number of holes, depending on the application design and specifications.

NSK uses a sealed configuration designed to prevent gear dust seeping into the ball bearings used inside transmissions. NSK’s Ultra Low-Friction Sealed Clean Ball Bearings and the High-Tough (HTF) Long Life Bearings, which significantly increase product life and reliability, are now widely used by leading automobile manufacturers, both in Japan and around the world.

NSK has achieved compact, lightweight and low torque applications for automobiles by leveraging its four core technologies (tribology, materials, analysis, and mechatronics). The company has been developing these technologies for over 90 years, and is continuing to create products that will improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles.

NSK at IZB (Internationale Zuliefererbörse) in Wolfsburg, Germany:
6th – 8th October 2010
Hall 5, Booth 311

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